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Broderick Price

915 East 17th street
Brooklyn, NY. 11230
Tel: 718 951 6785

eMail: broderick2000@yahoo.com

Artist Statement

My formative years were spent becoming an artist in Europe during the 1960’s. This was a time of extreme social unrest in the countries I resided in and in America.  I spent twelve years in West Berlin where I had met my mentor, the painter Hermann Bachmann and his daughter Suzanne and I fell in love.

Because of the charged political atmosphere and the fact that Bachmann had just destroyed most of his artwork, I was very much on my own as to what and how I would make art. I became immersed in revolution at the same time I was falling in love with painting and I had to figure out what to do.

IN 1973 I graduated from and was hired by the H.f.b.K Berlin to teach life drawing and stayed on in Berlin until 1976. There were several shows of my work and many commissions. And I encountered a lot of great artists.

What evolved in my work was a fusion of socio- environmental themes with the continuous presence of a heroic femininity constantly threatened by a violent chauvinistic world. I was very lucky and somehow intuitively knew how to paint but was also keen on invention because I had originally wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. So I proceeded to invent paintings and new ways to make them in which there is an obvious infatuation with art but also a passionate concern for the human condition.

In 1976 I returned to home and had a family.  I continued to paint and show. Then I spent ten years building and flying camera planes.

I spend my time now between NYC and the Dominican Republic painting, writing, building and flying drones.

I have also written and soon hope to publish my bizarre “Brief Memoirs”.

To see complete works go to:   www.theartofbroderickprice.com

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