ABSTRACT –  B. P.  2015 –  NYC

I was born almost a month late on Miami Beach in November 1945 . I guess I was reluctant to come out. When I did arrive I soon knew why.

My father was an adventurous pilot for Pan Am. My mother, the daughter of a minor wall street tycoon and I was seriously ill. Nevertheless, by 1947 we were living in Europe.

I grew up in a world that had survived two world wars within thirty years. After coming very close to perishing I, with my diminished health, was left to play on the dunes of Dunkirk. My guess is that the war had left people with a sense of urgency, that they needed to live life in the moment as intensely as possible and that children simply got in the way, but could be easily stashed in boarding schools.

One night my father dropped me off at a school in Switzerland. He just vanished without saying good bye. I couldn’t believe it and I went around hysterically searching for him in the little town. This was calvinist country and when my allergies became uncontrollable in the spring they resorted to beating me every morning.

After another five years in Germany we went back to Miami. Life was good there for a few years until my parents got divorced and I went off to high school in England; a dreary place to be when the last vestiges of normal life are shattered.

After my odd fiasco in the english school which was a yeshiva and I wasn’t even jewish, I ended up in Rome with some wealthy friends of my parents. So I started going to art school in Rome at the academia de Belli Arti de Roma. Although it was all very strange and sad, I nevertheless considered myself lucky to be alive and I was determined to express that gratefulness with art. After Rome I went to Berlin where my father lived with his new wife and flew for the airline. I was getting much stronger and I already knew three foreign languages, so I managed to get a sculpture scholarship to the S.H.F.B.K in west Berlin.

In 1967 I joined Human Being, an electronic music group. After some success in Berlin we went off to live in North Africa for a year and were thrown in jail in Madrid when we returned. I later went back to New York and met the painter, Jochen Seidel who ended up hanging himself. Distraught by Seidel’s suicide, I went back to Berlin to study painting with Seidel’s friend Hermann Bachmann. Bachmann’s daughter and I fell in love and I began living with them and going to school with the old man every day. When I graduated I stayed on in Berlin and taught at the school and had a lot of other jobs  and commissions.

I came back to live in the Unites States in 1976, got married and had a child, Phoebe. When the marriage broke up in 1978, I went back to Miami; painted, showed and worked in the studio I had built until I returned to New York in 1993.

Having stopped drinking in 2005, I began making UAS’s – unmanned aerial camera platforms, and developed three functioning aircraft by 2015.

In 2015 I began painting again at a house I had in the dominican republic and working on the memoirs of an unbelievable life.

Copies of the completed Brief Illustrated Memoirs Vol. 1 and 2 are available as well.

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15 Responses to About

  1. Hey Brod, I just received your wonderful website from my pal Stu Hill. I think you knew my brother Grant Stockdale and I myself have been a painter for many years.
    Your work is full of heart and color.I have enjoyed the connection.
    I paint spirits and music.. at : annstockdale.com
    Are you in Miami now ?
    Best Regards, Ann Stockdale

  2. Hi Broderick:
    My name is Steve Shapiro and I work with your nephew Sebastian. I am artist and art teacher. It was great to peruse your website and to see the great work you are doing. I always enjoy looking at the work of fellow artists especially those like myself who have embraced a wide array of work. Beautiful stuff. I particularly was drawn to the figurative pieces. Good Luck!

    Steve Shapiro

  3. Larry Davidson says:

    Hi Brod,

    Long time no see. You painted an old lady on a large piece of plywood for me as a high school graduation present. You etched in the words “Larry, why aren’t you working.” I affectionately called it Mother. Mother has been with me my whole life and I finally gave her up to one of my kids. Anyway, I haven’t seen you in more than 50 years and just wanted to say hi and congrats on still being alive.




      hello larry-
      thanks for your message. yes it has ben a long very eventfull time , for me and i hope for you too. it seems like i was always so busy working i didn’t have time to become famous and now that’s changing.
      i remember that night at ludington’s when i was on my way back to europe. you and jarvis were there saying good bye to me and telling me how proud you were that i was an artist going off to europe and all and it meant so much to me.
      good luck, bro.

  4. lewis ashley fomon says:

    Hi Brod
    What a fascinating life you have led.
    I live in Manhattan and returned to Coconut Grove and 5 years ago.
    I live in Paris 23 years and various other places.
    I remember you so well.
    Do you see Dickie or Pete Ludington?
    I am still in wth Brud Worthington.
    would love to keep in touch,
    Lewis Ashley Fomon




    • Mia Piragnoli Kapp says:

      Hi Broderick
      My name is Mia, I met you when I had just graduated University of Miami and I worked for Jeffrey Glick in his studio on Mary street. Clifford Bailey also worked there at this time. I don’t expect you to remember me but you should remember Jeff and Cliff. There were many days I’d watch you work in the little house on the property. You taught me a lot and watching you work was always mesmerizing. You were working on geometrical designs at the time and one other piece of a woman, it was mixed medium art as you used articles of clothing in the portrait. I’m not sure if you remember that piece but I sure do. Your work is genius. I just bought your book on Amazon and I can’t wait to read it. If you ever have a show in Los Angeles I’d love to come. Stay well and thank you for all the beautiful works of art
      Warm Regards

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    Thank you both.

  9. David Sheldon says:

    Hello Broderick,

    What a very interesting and complicated life you have lived. You may possibly remember me from Carmel College back in 1963 from our rowing days together. I had no idea that you weren’t Jewish and it made no matter. My best friend, you may also recall, was Carl Purchase, a non-Jewish day boy from Wallingford who was around 6’5 and rowed at number 7 behind me at Stroke so I had to develop a very long reach to stop being bashed in the back! Happy days. I seem to recall that you brought back “Double Bubble” gum from the US courtesy of your dad at Pan Am. All best wishes, David

  10. Mariah (Lavinia) Emerson says:

    Hi Brod,
    I’ve loved seeing your work, and hearing about your life. You have always been a pleasant memory from my childhood, and I did wonder how your life progressed. Your art is so engaging, amazing breadth, and wonderfully resonant. Would love to choose one, but will read your book soon and continue to dream.

    • broderick price says:

      Dear Mariah.
      How wonderful it is to hear from you.
      You and your family lent a dimension of enchantment to my young life that is still with me.
      It is truly amazing that you found me- thank you.

      • Mariah Emerson says:

        Dear Brod,
        Extraordinary…you, your life, your memoir. Adjectives abound but I’ll choose profound, poignant, bright, and thank you for letting us know you better.
        Best to you,

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